Investor Relations & Public Relations


When people work with one mind, they can even remove Mount Taishan.

Chinese Proverb

Finding Synergies.
Bridging Gaps.

Founder & CEO 

Yelena V. Zemt, CFA 

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    Founded in 2015 in Singapore, PR SQUARED Worldwide Eurasia Bridge provides          the following services:

  • Investor Relations & Public Relations 
  • Fundraising & Road Show International Consulting for Series A and beyond rounds for Private Companies (usually in Tech, from USD 5 million up) and Boutique Investment Managers (USD 20 to 250 million AUM) looking to add new LPs and grow Assets under Management 
  • Broad Investor Network inluding Family Offices, (U)HNWs, Business Angels, Asset & Fund Managers and Institutional Investors in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East & the U.S.
  • While we do work with VC Funds, we don't work on Seed & Pre-Seed rounds for Start-ups 
  • Customised Business Development
  • Targeted Business Introductions
  • Finding International Deal Synergies 
  • Strategy Consulting 
  • Building Worldwide Bridges to Connect People & Businesses

    Our Purpose:

     We help Globally Minded Firms to Identify, Meet and Develop Sound Relationships with Strategic Partners,           Clients and Investors, Bridging Cultural Gaps and Finding International Deal Synergies.